While I maintain radio silence from all internet communication until the WWDC Keynote is posted, I thought I’d share a great iPhone app I discovered this weekend:

DSLR Remote

DSLR Remote from on1 [iTunes link]

In a nutshell, DSLR Remote lets you control your Canon dSLR with your iPhone. It is as amazing as it sounds. Maybe more amazing.

While even the most basic features of this interest me (you can adjust shutter speed and aperature, ISO, etc), what makes this hands down worth the $9.99 is the built in timer (they call it an intervalometer to be fancy). With it, you can take photos at set intervals in order to create time lapse videos. I’ve been considering buying a device to let me do this for a long time, but standalone devices cost around $150. Pricey. So to get one for $10 is an amazing deal, and to have it built into a device that is always in my pocket is a bonus. I really want to get into more time-lapse stuff, and plan on doing some on my upcoming move across Canada, so this is perfect.

Now, of course there is a hitch. In order to work, you need to have your camera connected to your computer, and be running the (free) server software from on1. For me, this isn’t that big a deal since I have a laptop and keep it with me most of the time, and certainly could bring it anywhere I plan on taking time lapse videos. But it does restrict where you can set your camera up while using the software. To get around this, I might just invest in a really long USB cord. One advantage to this is that it allows you to save photos either directly to your computer, or to your computer and memory card. So when your done shooting, you don’t even need to upload. Easy peasy.

I should also mention that this set up seems to be quite finicky about your order of operations. If you plug the camera in, before turning on the server software (or maybe it’s vice versa…) it won’t work. You just need to play with it a bit.

To give a bit of a demo of how it works for time-lapse videos, here is a little video of me writing this blog post. One photo every 5 seconds, condensed to 10 seconds. Also note the awesome new threadless.com t-shirt I am wearing, just got it today.

I generally avoid buying apps on the App Store (most things end up being free sooner or later) but this is one I couldn’t pass up. If you have an iPhone (of any variety) and a Canon dSLR (so far it’s only compatable with Canon, Nikon soon I’m guessing), I can’t think of any reason you wouldn’t buy this app.