One of my favorite narcissistic activities to do every few days is check the stats on my Flickr page. Generally, you get some pretty obvious results; a few hits from google, a lot from flickr, and maybe a few from a flickr aggregating service. But a few days ago I saw a random one I hadn’t heard of before, so I had to investigate. The site appeared on my list of referrers as When you click on that, it brings you to a page with more specific info, saying that the page was about Kevin Nash.

I have no idea who Kevin Nash is, but I play through the lists of musicians, athletes, and random people I’ve photographed. Couldn’t think of anyone named Kevin Nash. So imagine my surprise when it brings me to this page:

Kevin Nash is a wrestler with the WWE. I have definitely never photographed any WWE (that would be cool though). I scroll down though and see the image section. Ahah:

At least one of these photos is not of Kevin Nash

At least one of these photos is not of Kevin Nash



There’s my friend Kevin. The photo was taken at the national conference for the Canadian University Press, affectionately referred to as Nash.

Lesson learned: if you’re going to automatically aggregate images, make sure to check if they actually fit the theme, and build in ways to exclude the ones that don’t.

Since it’s funny, what are some of the random sources that have linked to your content online?