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Tip off

AUS Championships were last weekend, this weekend was the CIS Men’s Final 8 Basketball Championship. 9 games in 3 days. We missed 1 (the first one cause I had class till after it started). In the end, Carleton won for their fifth year in a row.

Carleton won

It was a lot of fun to photograph, more so even than last week’s AUS championships. There was a lot of other press there, Chronicle Herald and the Daily News, a guy from CP, other student papers, and probably several others. Unfortunately, the biggest upset of the tournament was the game we missed, in which SMU beat Concordia. Concordia won their second game though, and then came back to win the third place game.


Acadia was not as fortunate as SMU though…We lost. badly. The second worst margin in CIS history. 48 points. Ouch. And we lost our second game against UBC too.


So we basically came in last. Oh well, the team that beat us was Carleton, and they went on to win it. If you have to lose, at least lose to the best team.

Under the net

We (Lucas, Nick, and I) were reporting on the tournament for CUP, the Canadian University Press. Since we are the only paper in the Halifax area that’s a member, we had to take photos and write stories for all the papers. So by next week I should be published in several papers across the country. Pretty cool.

The Jumper

After each game, I took the best photos and uploaded them to the CUP wire, meaning that each game had a “keeper” pile of about 10 shots. After 9 games, thats almost 100 solid photo. So for inclusion in the blog I had to go through each of those and pick the best to narrow down to a new 10. I probably didn’t get the absolute best of the best, but I think this is a pretty good selection.


I started off shooting at 800 ISO, but by switching to 1600 I was able to get a lot better shutter speed, the people actually aren’t blurry! Awesome. And the grain isn’t to bad cause it really bright.  Most annoying part is trying to get the focus right, I got better at it as time went on, but at first, I was getting over half of the shots out of focus. Oh, and I also learned to really lay on the shutter and let the 3 frames a second do its thing (though I felt insignificant next to the guys with the 10 fps cameras). Most of the best shots I got were the middle of 3 frames: the first they are going up, the second they are looking amazing, and the third they are looking back up at the net to see if they scored. Good system.

Another layup

I might have needed to crop that one…but i try to avoid cropping as much as possible. And I really have no idea what happened in this one, but I think it looks cool:


And that’s it. Good weekend, lots of driving, lots of fast food, lots of photos (1500 is the final count for the weekend). In closing, cheerleaders.




Yep, our mens team won the AUS Championship title in Halifax tonight. I’m not a huge basketball fan, but this was a damn good game. With 1.4 seconds left in regulation, with Acadia up one point, SMU got two free throws. He sank the first one, and missed the second. Tie game, going to overtime. Steve Baur; assistant coach’s reaction to the situation:


This was the second game I went to during the championships, I went to one on Thursday, and had been planning on posting a cool slideshow thing I made, but I am not very good at web stuff, so I couldn’t figure out how to host the file. Oh well, I’ll try again later. But my experience taking photos at the Metro Centre in Halifax (where the games were) has me convinced that we need a stadium like that at Acadia. The lighting is incredible. It makes shooting the game fun, not frustrating.


We had a bit of a slump at the beginning of the second half, and for awhile there it looked like we were going to lose, but they got back in stride to catch back up.


So yeah, game ended, we won, crowd went wild, team went wild, it was pretty fun.  The crowd stormed the court, but then security pushed them back to the sidelines, the seemed really pissed off that they were going outside their designated area. So I took this kinda funny picture of the old security guard, obviously not interested in whats going on around him, patrolling the area:


Hehe. Ok thats all. One more of the crowd for good measure. I enjoy taking shots of the crowd, probably as much a I enjoy taking pictures of the actual game.