Yep, our mens team won the AUS Championship title in Halifax tonight. I’m not a huge basketball fan, but this was a damn good game. With 1.4 seconds left in regulation, with Acadia up one point, SMU got two free throws. He sank the first one, and missed the second. Tie game, going to overtime. Steve Baur; assistant coach’s reaction to the situation:


This was the second game I went to during the championships, I went to one on Thursday, and had been planning on posting a cool slideshow thing I made, but I am not very good at web stuff, so I couldn’t figure out how to host the file. Oh well, I’ll try again later. But my experience taking photos at the Metro Centre in Halifax (where the games were) has me convinced that we need a stadium like that at Acadia. The lighting is incredible. It makes shooting the game fun, not frustrating.


We had a bit of a slump at the beginning of the second half, and for awhile there it looked like we were going to lose, but they got back in stride to catch back up.


So yeah, game ended, we won, crowd went wild, team went wild, it was pretty fun.  The crowd stormed the court, but then security pushed them back to the sidelines, the seemed really pissed off that they were going outside their designated area. So I took this kinda funny picture of the old security guard, obviously not interested in whats going on around him, patrolling the area:


Hehe. Ok thats all. One more of the crowd for good measure. I enjoy taking shots of the crowd, probably as much a I enjoy taking pictures of the actual game.