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Ok so I’m a terrible blog-person. I was sick last weekend which gave me a decided lack of ability to take pictures. But I’m all better now and back at it. Wednesday was the Vagina Monologues, put on by the Women’s Centre at Acadia. They had asked me to come in and be their “official photographer”, which was pretty cool. I got a free shirt. I’m probably the only guy at Acadia with a VDAY shirt. The V is pink. Awesome.

vag mon3

All in all it was a good show I would say. It lost a bit of something not being performed in the ATF this year, but ultimately the show isn’t about production value.

vag mon2

Photographically, the show went quite well, and I just saw the organizer a few minutes ago and she said the photos were amazing (success). The lighting in the Mackeen room was predictably awful. Giant spotlights at the top of the stage that only work on specific spots on stage. Fortunately, when people were in those spots, there was enough light to take a decent photo, I didn’t even have to jack it up past 800 ISO.

vag mon7

I shot the first half with the 50mm f/1.8 lens, and then switched to the 18-55mm for the second half to get some wide angle shots, mix it up a bit.

The thing I like about the Vagina Monologues is that it has a pretty good mix of serious and funny perspectives. Some of it is really sad, but other parts are hysterical (like Sarah’s “My Vagina is Angry” back at the top of the post). It’s tough because when you get to the intense emotional parts, everything is so quiet, and yet I’m still want to be taking pictures. Those are the best parts to photograph, cause they are when you can capture some real emotion. But at the same time, I don’t want to pull the audience away from the piece with that “THWAK” noise the camera likes to make. Of course, while I think about this, I generally disregard the feeling and keep taking pictures anyways.

vag mon4

Cristopher Morris inspired. Ok I think that is all I have to say. I’m going to the ECMA’s on Sunday. That’s going to be amazing. There will be a big post for that on Monday.

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