Last night was the end of the ASU election campaign. I’m going to miss it.

The Ath hosted a “Diversity Debate” in the Axe to wrap things up, but since there weren’t many people there, it changed into more of a roundtable discussion. Once again (as per usual) shooting available light with the 50mm. Since the light was so bad in the Axe I was using it wide open at f/1.8, which meant a lot of the photos came out subtly out of focus. But the ones that didn’t look pretty good.


That’s Erin Benner, Campus Life incumbent.

I still haven’t made up my mind on who to vote for actually, well, I know President and most of the other positions, but I’m just not sure on VPSA. I’ll decide at the box.


Dimitri, one of the VPSA candidates.

And one more for good measure, Fraser, another VPSA guy…