Alright first of all lets get this out in the open. Yes. I have a blog. Glad I got that off my chest. And I even used the word “blog.”

I’m going to use this as a place to keep regular track of the photos I take, specifically, but not limited to, those that aren’t for the Ath

We’ll see how it goes.

Ok so onto the first real post-ish stuff. It’s cold here. Very cold. So cold I don’t even have a photo expressing how cold it is.

This weekend I took some photos for a friend who was doing a business competition. They just needed some headshots to run with their bios, nothing too complicated. They were all done with just available light, which in the Irving Auditorium isn’t actually as bad as expected. 50mm @ f/2.8 (gotta throw in some technical stuff)



Note matching tie. Not a coincidence.

Then we had some fun and took some more interesting stuff, for example, them looking as arrogant as possible, call it the “we have more money than you, and know it” shot:


Ok, thats it for first post. This was fun.